How to make your own graffiti scarf

Graffiti scarf

This weeks DIY was inspired by the MCQ Graffiti scarf. I loved how they printed words all over a piece of silk. I had a piece of light cotton that I have been wanting to use, but it was blue. I am a Greenie after all.

First, I used elastic bands to tie the scarf in

Dying blue fabric in hot water and turmeric

random spots and then immersed it in a hot solution of turmeric, water and white vinegar. Turmeric is an excellent natural fabric dye and vinegar acts as a mordant to set the colour. I let the fabric lie for about 30 minutes and then removed the elastics before giving it a last quick dip.

The overall effect was a slightly mottled greenish yellow colour. Just what I wanted.

Read more about that kind of dying – here.

Next I used a pen with fabric dye and wrote my goals and affirmations, as well as symbols, all over the fabric. The fun part was writing down all my hopes and dreams.

Writing with a fabric paint pen

The not so fun part was the way the dye came out the pen. Nothing at all or a big fat blob. Most annoying.

NB! I had to lay down newspaper and a large black bag underneath the scarf to avoid the dye leeching through the fabric and on to our floor.

Fortunately it doesn’t matter if things get a bit smudged and messy because that is the effect you’re after. This was a big scarf so I had less writing going on. The original MCQ scarf has words packed together. Allow the fabric paint to dry and then set it with a hot iron taking care not to burn yourself or the fabric.

Mcq By Alexander Mcqueen Graffiti Scarf in Oat and Black in Black - Lyst
Original MCQ scarf – image source

And that’s it!  You just made yourself an edgy new scarf.

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Until next week, happy DIY-ing.