How to make a wrap skirt

Wrap skirt

I have a mental list of things I want to make. It starts with seeing something in a shop, in a magazine or it might appear on one of the fashion newsletters I subscribe to. It’s usually a key look or item for the season. I mull over how I will construct it.

If I see a similar item in a shop, I try it on and have a look at how it was made. Sometimes other DIY fashion bloggers have made it, and

that’s a great help as I can see how they put it together.

Wrap Skirt Pattern

This week, I made a wrap skirt. They are everywhere and I wanted one too. I have to say, this one is a winner. Sewing success is mostly about picking the right fabric for the garment you are making.

Make hem all around the fabric

For this skirt, I chose Melton and it worked well.

Pattern making is not something I rush into but this skirt pattern is almost fool proof – see pattern instructions image.

Two of my favourite bloggers made wrap skirts and I took inspiration from them. See those version – here – and – here.

You need: –

matching thread
dressmaking scissors
sewing machine
large press studs or fasteners

Pin darts and sew in place

You do: –

First you have to make the pattern. Measure widest part of hip. Add 40 – 60 cms for overlap.
Measure waist to knee. You will have a rectangular shape. Add 3 cm all around for seam allowance.

Cut your skirt and make a hem around the entire edge of your skirt.

Fold skirt in half to find centre back and pin a dart in place. Add another one or two more

Sew press studs to skirt flaps

darts on either side to create shape for your hips and bum. Less is more when it comes to taking in a dart. Have a look at – this tutorial – if you are unsure how to make a dart.

Press the outer hem and darts flat with a damp cloth and an iron.

Fit your skirt so you can see where to sew the press studs. Sew press studs in place.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!.

I will attempt to make just about anything, be it

Rear view of wrap skirt

sewing, knitting, crochet or crafting. The results are variable and not everything makes it to this blog.

For ideas to make your own or recycle, visit the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page.

Wrap skirt with denim shirt

Till next week,