How to make a clutch bag

Clutch bag

I made my first clutch bag from a silver/grey brocade design plastic place mat. See that DIY – here.

I got the idea from Glitter ‘n Glue. Read her tutorial – here.

They are so easy to make that a person can go around scooping up place mats in all different colours and make a plethora of them. One for every day of the month!

Fold your place mat

You can either use them as they are or you can re-design them by spraying designs with spray paint. Think of a neon chevron zig zag pattern using masking tape for an 80’s style bag. Or you can  rock a boho vibe with trimmings and braid. Glue around the edges of the placemat.

Last time I used a button and a loop, as I could not find a

Magnetic clasp

proper clasp for my clutch bag. Then I found magnetic clasps so this time I made the clutch with a clip on closure.

You need: –

a place mat
either strong glue or needle and thread in matching colour
a fastening such as a button and cord or magnetic clasp
you may need a – Stanley knife – for your clasp

Add magnetic clasps to clutch bag

You do: –

Fold your place mat as you want it to be. You may like a longer flap – or a shorter one.

Because my place mat was a natural substance I was able to press it with an iron on low heat.
You may want to put your place mat under a pile

Boho inspiration – source Net a Porter

of books for a bit so it can press flat.

Refer to other clutch bag DIY for the cord and button closing. See top of page.

For a magnetic clasp, pierce little holes into the place mat so you can attach the magnetic clasp. Make sure you check and mark the most central position before you do this.

Next either glue the sides or sew in a matching colour thread to secure the bag.

80’s inspiration – source Net a Porter

Attach a flat button or a crystal to the outside of your clutch where the clasp is visible. I cut the shank off a metal button

Allow to dry and your bag is good to go.

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Until next week.