Make this easy rope hand bag charm

Add multi-colour rope to your bag

Nothing like a bit of Tribal inspiration to liven up a much loved hand bag. And this is as easy as it gets.

I used a piece of multi-coloured woven rope. You could go monotone and use a black and white combo. Or, if you can find neon rope, then have fun with that.

What you do not want is rope that is too think or the idea just won’t work. You also don’t want too thin a piece of rope or you may as well not bother.

I wanted to add beads to this but I could not find a bead with a wide enough hole, so gave up on that idea.

You need the rope to fit around the handle or strap of your bag.

First you need rope

And it also needs to tie on. So play with the rope working out what length you will be using.

Cut the rope at the right length and then begin unraveling the threads. I loved how the colours came alive in this piece of rope.

Once you are happy with the amount that has come undone, tie a knot right where the last piece of rope is still woven. That will ensure it stops coming undone.

Unravel the ends and tie a knot

Now do the same to the other side. When both sides are disheveled, fluff the loose ends up and then fold the rope in half.

At the halfway point, tie the rope to you bag. And voila! Your bag just got a make-over.

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Till next week.