Make these easy semi precious tone earrings

It’s taking me a while to settle into our new house and find the right places for our stuff. My DIY

From left, Aventurine, Peridot, Moonstone and Malachite

stash is still in boxes in the dining area waiting for cupboards.

I have yet to find the right place to take pics and place my model. And the table I am using to sew is not ideal. It wobbles and the plug is miles away.

Despite all this I got quite a few DIY’s on my list done this last fortnight. They’re coming in future posts.

You need chain, small beads, wire + earring hooks

This week I am showing a really old DIY. Why? I get compliments every single time I wear these earrings. I made them from semi precious stone chips I bought at a bead shop. It has since closed. Sigh!

So here goes with the how-to for these stone drop earrings.

You need: –

2 x earring hooks
2 x pieces chain approx 5 centimetres long
thin or flexible wire
tiny semi stone chips or small crystal beads

You do: –

Lie the chain flat on a surface.

Add bead to chain and twist wire to secure

You are going to add a bead to every other link in the chain on alternating sides. It’s really important to alternate sides or the earrings won’t be balanced.

Using the thin wire, pick up a bead and slide the wire through link in the chain.

Twist the wire a few times to secure the bead. Cut the wire and bend the ends back.

Add beads alternating left and right

It’s also important to bend the wire ends back or the wire will hook onto shirt collars or scarves.

Continue adding beads until the chain is full ending with a bead at the last link of the chain.

Add the earring hook and that’s it!

As you can see I love these so much I made four pairs of them. If you have a birthstone or a stone you resonate with, then this is one way to wear it.

In the pic below right you can see a pair of  gold and precious stone – Rosantica – earrings from Net a Porter which were the inspiration for my earrings.

Image source Net a Porter

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Till next week.