Instructions to add lacy embellishment to a top

Romantic embellished T-Shirt

 T- shirts are a wardrobe staple for me. They are easy care and easy to wear. A plain white tee can be just the ticket for an outfit. But sometimes an embellished tee can add that little bit extra, a feel or a mood.

I bought this piece of trimming a while back. Bought a whole lot actually, as they not always easy to come by. It’s been lurking in my stash of haberdashery items and I wasn’t sure quite what to

You need 1 x T-Shirt

do with it. And then it occurred to me to add it to a plain white T-Shirt.

I love wearing romantic white and cream Victorian style shirts with dark skinny leg trousers. This was a way to give a comfy tee that same romantic vibe.

As with all my DIY’s, this one is sooo easy.

You also need a piece of trimming

You need: –
a plain T-Shirt
a piece of lace embellishment
needle and matching thread
you can use a sewing machine

You do: –

  1. Pin the embellishment to the T-Shirt.
  2. Either hand sew or machine sew the outline in place.
  3. Sew over any areas that might protrude.
  4. Optional – cut away fabric behind applique so skin peeks though the lace.

Note! If using a sewing machine, set it to the stretch-sew setting or the shirt might not fit over your neck.

Pin trim to T-Shirt and sew

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T=Shirt with fabric cut away

Cut away fabric

Till next week, happy DIY-ing.


P.S. I cut away the fabric behind this lace piece and it looks so much better. See how to below.