Love Laced on Greenie Dresses for Less

My daughter is super creative. She’s always taking old clothes and re-making them. Wonder where she gets

Wraparound top

that streak from? Actually my mother started it all. She used to make skirts out of old table cloths. Back then I wanted to die of shame rather than wear old table cloths. Today, that would be uber cool.

Back to my daughter. Her label is Love Laced and you can find her on her Love Laced facebook page. She cuts up old clothes and re-stitches them adding beads and trimmings as she goes along. It’s all very ad hoc and wildy avant garde. The kind of stuff Suzie Lau wears.

Fold and stitch at each end – Figure 1

I gave her my old Elna sewing machine and after she had a sewing lessons, she came back inspired to sew and sew. Last week she made this top. She even dreamed up the pattern. I love, love, love it.

Hook end of wrap top on arm – Figure 2

(Hope she doesn’t get embarrassed with all the mom pride going on in this blog post.)

I can’t give the dimensions as I don’t have the top here. But I’m going to speculate what they are. The sizing would vary depending on how wide and tall you are so you basically need to make it to your own size. My daughter is a dress size 10 and I would say her top was around 1.70 centimetres long and 45 wide. It’s a very long rectangle.

Wrap around front of body – Figure 3

Have a look at the way she sewed it to see how it wraps around her body so you can measure how big your rectangle needs to be.

The fabric has to be stretch knit. Very important as it has to wrap around your body. It’s a smaller version of a sari but with the ends closed to encase the arms.

You need to edge stitch the rectangle to neaten the

Slip other arm through – Figure 4

edges. And then stitch the two edges together.

To wear –

Hook end on arm and pull up to rest on shoulder. See Figure 2.

Wrap around front of body. See Figure 3.

The back of the wrap top

Slip other arm through opposite end and pull up to shoulder. See Figure 4.

As you can see my daughter used to button badges to secure the top but you could use brooches or if the top is tight enough leave it plain.

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Till next week.