Add beads to a shirt collar for an easy up-cycling idea

This particular DIY has been worked by plenty other bloggers. And for good reason. It really amps

Olive green studs on shirt collar

up the style of a ho hum shirt considerably. And it’s easy. Well this version is.

If you have time on your hands and fancy sewing millions of beads to a shirt you can come with something ornate like – this – or you can try a much simpler no-sew version such as – this one .

My version took no more than 15 minutes and I just love how the easy addition of a few beads has given this shirt a subtle makeover. I remain unconvinced about gluing beads to fabric. I’ve never tried it so I

The shirt before

can’t be sure, but I suspect the beads will ultimately come unstuck in the wash.

You need: –
beads or studs
thread to match shirt colour
an old shirt

You do: –
Decide how many beads or studs you want to use and how much patience you have to sew them all onto your collar.

Then decide where you want to place your beads or studs. Mark the spot with chalk.

Thread your needle with matching colour thread and sew

Olive green sew on studs

your beads or studs in place.

Make sure the stitches are invisible.


Easy as that.

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Till next week, happy DIY-ing.