How to use hardware to create jewelry

Finger tip rings aren’t that easy to come by here. And I love them. What’s a DIY fashionista to do?

Fingertip ring 1.

Make them of course.

I made three different types.

The first two are made from chain the the last one is made from an extra large O-ring also known as a Jump ring.

Chrome chain and connector

So for Fingertip ring 1. I took to the hardware shop and bought the kind of chain you use to attach plugs in kitchens and in bathrooms. I think it’s called chrome basin chain. They require a special  connector to join the ends together.

Fingertip ring 2.

Measure the chain around your finger. Allow a small space for the connector. Cut chain. Join it. And that’s all there is to it.

Jewelry chain and O-ring

Fingertip ring 2. is the same only with different chain. I used jewelry chain and a very small O-ring to connect it .

Same procedure, measure the chain around your finger, allow for the O-ring, cut with pliers and join.

You could also make these rings larger for your fingers.

Fingertip ring 3. ring was the easiest of the lot. I bought jumbo O-rings and

Fingertip ring 3

they were a perfect fit for my finger tip.

If your fingers are smaller or larger you can either buy an O-ring that fits or adjust the open end of the O-ring.

O-rings make perfect finger tip rings

I stacked a few of them together on my finger. See image at right.

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Till next week!