How to make a ring from this hardware store item

Lock washer worn as ring

Phew! Can hardly believe I’m writing a blog post. Feels like forever since I was last able to do this.

I mentioned in the last post that we sold our house and packed up. All our possessions went into storage.
We went to Europe for just over a month during what was the coldest Spring in decades. I was sooo cold. It simply doesn’t ever get that cold here in the southernmost tip of Africa.

We finally were able to move into our new home and my sewing machine and craft goods were mislaid. The movers eventually found them but next I had to get a phone and ADSL line installed. And so it went on yadda, yadda, yadda. Been one thing

Lock washer

after another.

While I was in Holland I saw a lock washer in the local hardware store in Zwartsluis. Never heard of them. I was enthusing about it’s potential as a ring, and my husband was like “Yeah, it’s a lock washer. Duh.”

 If you Google images of them – see here – they come in a few shapes. Spiky, ridged and even slightly curved. They are the perfect ring size. So glad I saw them. Going to have to find more.

of them.

They look great with the open ends up or down. And they also worked stacked between other band rings. I wish I could engrave. It would be nice to put inspirational words on the flat sides.

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See you next week and happy DIY-ing!

Lock washer stacked with rings