How to make a crystal ring using hardware

If you think that full on bling a la J Lo, Mariah Carey or even P Diddy is out of your reach. Think again. In this blog

Stainless Steel Eye bolt with Swarovski Crystal ring

post, I show how to make a mega carat ring using a stainless steel eye bolt, a Swarovski crystal and some high strength glue.

I chose a clear, round crystal at a bridal shop. But they come in assorted colours and shapes. Think of an emerald colour square or a ruby coloured heart shape for variation on this ring.

Last week I was saying how I came across steel lock washers in a hardware store in the Netherlands. Been wearing them as rings. Well I also found this stainless steel eye bolt there too. Never heard of them before.

And good news, they are a perfect fit to my ring finger. I could not wait to get home and turn it into a

What you need to make the ring eye bolt, crystal + glue


Here is a link to images of an eye bolt – click here. You obviously want the type without the screw insert. Or you need to be able to cut off that piece.

The – How To – is dead easy. Mix your two part adhesive. Apply to both the eye bolt and the crystal. Glue crystal to eye bolt. Allow to dry.
Wear with your fanciest outfit ever!

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Till next week!