Fashion mags, a plastic folder of cuttings, screen savers and pics

OK, am going to have to admit defeat and take a short break from this blog. It’s not that I want to. But we have sold our house and everything has to go into storage for a few weeks until we can move into our new home.

This blog is dependant on my sewing machine, my tools, my husband’s tools, old clothes and the various threads, fabrics, wire, beads etc . .  that get used to make new things from old. They all have to go into boxes and sent away. Sigh!

Buttons and haberdashery supplies

I tend not to use other people’s pictures and have focused this blog almost entirely on showing what I’ve made or re-made. Even if I use someone else’s idea, all the items shown have been made by me. There is usually a link back to the the person, blog or idea I used giving them credit. Though it has happened that I cannot but cannot remember where and when I came across a particular DIY idea as it has taken so long to finally be made.
Update. I’m less keen to add links these days as my blog posts are riddled with dead links. Rather give the person/site a mention.

Am not going to lie I’m a touch panicky about all the things I’ve yet to make and still want to make. What if they go out of fashion before I get to make them? There are a billion things on my – To Make – list that I have not yet gotten around to making. I could sew and craft things all day, every day.

Fabric, dyes, braids and trimmings in the cupboard

Lurking on my wishlist are – more peplums, a colour block tote bag, a multi-strand rope necklace, more shirt collar upgrades, bell sleeves for a shirt, a beaded chain necklace and a beaded skirt to name but a few.

My trusty Elna sewing machine

I save DIY inspiration everywhere. There are pics from magazines and retail shops on my mobile phone, cuttings from magazines stuck up at my desk and a heap of ideas taken from on-line fashion newsletters and shopping sites are saved in Dropbox. Phew!

Just a note on sewing machines. My first sewing machine was an Elna TSP (Top Special). My daughter has it now, but it was, still is, a fantastic Swiss made machine. My mother has had her Elna Supermatic forever. They are still able to service it and and she has never had any trouble. My latest machine is, of course, an Elna 2130. I wouldn’t consider using another make of sewing machine. And just in case you wondering, I don’t gain anything from saying this.

I’m gonna miss my stuff but it’s not forever. Hopefully we can set up in our new home really soon and get back into the swing of things.

There are 100’s of older posts in the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page. I’m sure you will find something to help you DIY and not buy.

Till then, happy DIY-ing.