How to make your own stud earrings using beads

Bead stud earrings

Much as I love, love, love dangly earrings, they are hugely impractical when driving a scooter. Each time I take my helmet off, I fear ripping my earrings from my ear lobes. Riding a scooter is a choice to reduce my carbon foot print and sartorial choices have to accommodate riding a bike. That means biker jackets, wildly colourful scarves and espadrilles are on my ‘must-have’ list. But sky scraper heels, short skirts and yes, chandelier earrings are sadly off the list.

The retail shops have been a little slow coming up with cute neon studs and I cannot get enough lime green right now. Since the bead shop had bright green beads, it seemed a good idea to try and make some stud earrings from beads.

You need lovely crystal or glass beads

I have made a few stud earrings on this blog before. These stud earrings – were made from glass head pins and I made more from buttons – in this post.

So here’s how you make them.

You need: –
stud backings
two part adhesive

You do: –
I used a sponge that came from the top of a tub of vitamins to press the stud bases into.
It helps to keep them stable and upright.
Because the beads are so small I used pliers to dip the beads into the pre-mixed glue and then stick them onto the stud bases.
Next get all your beads ready and close at hand.
Pre-mix the glue.
Dip the beads into the glue and attach to the stud backings.
Allow to dry and that’s it!

Press stud bases into a sponge to keep them stable

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