Make this easy coin ring from a metal button

Signet ring

The main focus of this blog is not about me and what I wear. This blog is but about how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I’m as susceptible to wanting to have the newest, best-est and latest as the next person. But what I try to do is find ways to get the latest looks by either making things myself or recycling old clothes into more on trend versions.

Getting crafty means you can make what you want, in your size and favourite colour. Another big fat bonus is that what you are wearing is eco friendly. This 20 minute animated video – changed me forever

Buttons and ring bases

So after all that, this DIY is not how to make a latest must-have item. Rather, it was inspired by a friend’s ring which which had a crest carved on the front. It looked fabulous and ever so posh.

I saw some metallic buttons that I thought might work for this project and so decided to give it a try.

It’s an easy peasy DIY, here’s how.

You need: –
1 x ring post
side cutter or metal cutter
two part adhesive or extra strong glue
metal file

Cut shank with metal cutter and file flat with metal file

Blu tack or Prestik (stretchy reusable putty)

You do: –
Work over a piece of newspaper as Superglue will damage any surface it falls on.

Cut the shank off your button with a metal cutter. Then file it down with a metal file until you have a flat smooth base.

Set either your ring or your button in some Blu tack or Prestik on your surface so it is stable. Mix the two part adhesive with a toothpick and place glue on both ring shank and button.

Glue ring base to button and leave to set

Leave to set. And that’s it. You’re done.

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See you next week!