Make a handbag charm from a dog tag

Dog tag handbag charm

Last week’s blog post was a bit of a departure from my usual focus. The point of this blog has always been to make, or remake clothes rather than buying. I often visit on-line fashion web-sites for inspiration and when they have affordable, not to mention gorgeous items, it gets really hard not to want to shop.

The ASOS rings I bought got me fired up to experiment using black irrigation hose to make similar rings. I’m working on that one. But no way would I be able to make leggings that fit as well as the ASOS ones.

What you need for this DIY

My hope with this blog is that I can build up an archive with lots and lots of ideas to recycle and upcycle old clothes but also other materials such as electrical wire – which I did a while back when I made – these. It’s so much nicer wearing something and not feeling guilty about being a greedy consumer.

This week’s DIY is also easy. Most of them are. It’s a handbag charm using a dog tag. Have used dog tags before when I had mantras stamped on them to make a charm necklace – see here – and a charm bracelet – see that DIY here. This is the same, only different.

Join the two ends of chain with an O-Ring

You need a short piece of chain, a dog tag with or without words stamped onto it and an O-Ring. There is a bloke who stamps and sells dog tags outside our supermarket. He was a little taken aback at my request to stamp words like love, serenity and prosperity on my tag but he happily obliged. He has a few shapes to choose from. I wasn’t keen on a bone and I like hearts so it was a no brainer.

To assemble the handbag charm you join the two ends of your chain to the dog tag with the O-Ring and put it around the handle of your handbag. Simple as that.

For inspiration to make a fancier handbag charm see what Geraldine has done – in this post – and also see what one of my favourite bloggers, Geneva has done – here.

Visit the Greenie archive to view older DIYs by heading to the top of this page. And the Greenie facebook page could always do with a ‘like’.

Till next week, happy DIY-ing.