How to make a cut out T Shirt you can wear with a bra

Finished cut out top

My daughter makes these amazing tops with all sorts of embellishments and cut outs. See her stuff – here. I’ve also seen other cut outs such as – this one – on the shoulders of a denim button up shirt and how about – this – heart shape cut out at the back of a T-Shirt.

The time had come to give this trend a try. I’m not too out there with my style so my version is tamer than most. I also wanted to be able to wear a bra. Here’s how I made this top.

You need: –
1 x T-Shirt
Chalk/dried soap
Wool needle
Elastic thread

You do: –

Cut out the square of fabric from your top

 Fit your T-Shirt on while wearing a bra to get a sense of where your bra strap would be under your top. If you do enough yoga, you should be able to make a mark with your chalk or soap on your top. Or ask someone to help you.

Once your top is off, lie it flat on a table and again using your chalk or soap make a square or slightly rectangular shape in the centre back of your top.I used a ruler to measure in from the top and sides so my square was symmetrical.

Make incision and fold and pin fabric back

You need to add 1.5 centimetres from where your square would be as a seam allowance. Taking that into account, draw your square onto your top and cut the square of fabric out. Less is more with this I promise.

Turn your top inside out and make a small incision into the corners of your square. See the picture at left. Fold and pin the fabric back. Sew the seam flat leaving space for your elastic to fit.

Tidy up your loose threads. Cut enough elastic thread to fit around your square and using your wool needle slide it inside the hem of your square.

Sew elastic thread into seam.

Pull your elastic thread just a teeny bit tight so it holds the cut out in shape but doesn’t gather or bunch.

Knot your elastic thread and that’s it. Voila!

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Till next week, happy upcycling!