Instructions to sew a panel to a T shirt

Panelled T-Shirt

I wear a lot of T-Shirts. If you go to the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page you will find plenty T-Shirt makeovers. Tees are just so comfortable and easy to launder. What’s not to like?

This T-Shirt revamp came about when I discovered a stain right in front of this top. I’ve been toying with trying to insert a panel into a top. In – this post – I cut away the entire front of a top and replaced it with sequin mesh. It worked well so I was feeling bold enough to try a variation.

For this DIY you need: –

  • a sewing machine 
  • a top 
  • contrast colour fabric
  • matching thread
  • scissors
  • pins
You do: –
Cut out a section from centre front
First fit your top. Using dressmakers chalk, or a dried piece of soap if your fabric is dark, make a mark around about where you want to cut a piece from the T-Shirt.
Place the top on a flat surface. Use a ruler to check the distance from the shoulders to the side seams to ensure you cut a symmetrical piece from the centre front of your T-Shirt
As you can see I cut from both the back and front but you could insert a panel in the front only to make this easier.
ASOS dogtooth panelled top inspiration
Now use the piece of fabric you have just cut as a pattern piece. Pin it to your contrast colour fabric. Cut an exact match making sure to allow a 2 centimetre seam allowance all around the pattern piece.
Pin the contrast colour fabric onto your top. I stitched the top first and then stitched the sides. Somehow it makes it easier to get the corners neater. Hem the lower edge and your panelled top is complete.
Don’t you love the ASOS panelled top to the left? That could be a bit more intricate but it looks fabulous. And I’m wondering if it would be possible to add a panel to a skirt. I did a sort of panel effect with this – Christopher Kane inspired skirt.
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Till next week happy up-cycling.