How to make earrings from a strip of lace

Black lace earrings

It seems to be that every time I start a new blog post, the opening words are along the lines of  . . . . . . . this is easy to make.

That’s because DIY fashion really is so dead easy. I’m always surprised there aren’t more people making their own things.

This week I made a pair of lace earrings. Gorgeous goth inspired black lace earrings. They hardly need instructions.

Lace trim for earrings

You need a piece of lace or trimming from which you can get two matching pieces, a pair of earring hooks and you may need a piece of chain.

You will need scissors to cut your lace earrings and a pair of pliers to bend the O-Rings. That’s it. And they take no more than a few minutes to make.

For my earrings I cut two rounds from a piece of lace trimming. Next I used a candle lighter to seal off the edges so they wouldn’t fray. Then I used an O-Ring to attach the lace earrings to earring hooks and that was it.

I would like to make another pair with thinner lace trimming and maybe two or three strands of it.

Burning the edges so they don’t unravel

My earrings are small. You could go for bigger ones and suspend them to your earring hook with thin chain as in – this blog – and this one. I would suggest that with bigger earrings you use a fabric starch to stiffen them  first as they may bend or not hold their shape.

How about painting your lace pieces a bright colour – see here – or giving them an ombre effect like – this blogger. Mimi – see here – sewed beads on her lace earrings.

What you need

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Till next week, happy DIY-ing.