Make this necklace from black silk rope

Rope necklace

I have made a necklace out of rope before. My husband keeps a loooong green plastic rope for tying things to things and was happy to let me have a few metres. See that DIY – here. Every single time I wear that necklace, I get asked where I bought it. People comment on how nice it is. Naturally I can’t resist saying that it’s a piece of up-cycled rope, cost nothing and they are welcome to find the how-to on my blog.

Make a chain in the rope

There was a lovely thick black shiny piece of  rope in my stash that I’ve been wanting to use but it’s a bit short. I tried so hard to tie a – Carrick Bend – in it. The knot would not hold and I had to give up.

Except I really wanted to make something from that piece of rope. In the end I decided to make a basic – chain stitch – like I did for my last necklace, only I did it for half the length. And it looks just fine.

Cup shaped fastening

So you need: – a piece of rope, a candle lighter, a means to fasten the necklace and strong glue.

Last time I used end connectors, so I didn’t need glue but this time I used a cup shaped connector and the ends had to be glued inside the cup.

To make this necklace, I made a simple chain on the rope. On my first attempt, the start of chain was too far into the rope and I had to pull it out and start again. Once I was happy with my chain,  I used a lighter to melt the ends so they wouldn’t unravel. I also lightly burned the chain stitch area so it would melt together and not come loose.

Attach fastening to necklace

Then I mixed up a batch of glue. I prefer to use two-part adhesive as it is that much stronger. I dipped the ends of the necklace into the glue and fitted them inside the cup of the fasteners. The necklace was left to dry and voila! A new necklace just like that.

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Until next week . . . happy DIY-ing