ASOS deliveries in South Africa

When doing a post on collar tips, see – here – and – here, I used a pair bought from ASOS while staying in Scotland. I saw that ASOS have free world-wide deliveries but had yet to order from them back home in South Africa.

Hey, we got Topshop and Zara in SA now. Rumour has it H and M is on it’s way. Can things get any better? Well IKEA in SA would be as good as it gets. A person can dream.

Local post office fee

When I ordered my collar tips from ASOS in Scotland they arrived 48 hours later – delivered free to our front door – as promised on the ASOS web-site.

Just before Christmas I was despairing of finding a nice pair of leggings. While trawling the ASOS web-site I saw their own-brand longer length leggings and decided to go for it and order two pairs. And a cute set of rings.

ASOS longer length leggings

At the risk of being a little unkind to my fellow countrymen, anything that is not bolted down and behind bars in South Africa, is up for grabs. Suitcases at the airport get ripped open and packages in the postal services are tampered with. We’re used to it. I still find it unbelievable to see women in Europe leave their handbags on a table when they go to the toilets. And honesty boxes? Never seen one here.

It was with more than a little trepidation that I decided to avail myself of the free worldwide delivery service that ASOS offer to South Africa. My order was placed on 17th December 2012 and a notice arrived to collect the parcel at our local post office 11th January 2013.

ASOS rings

Admittedly, there was a spate of festive holidays during the delivery period, but our lethargic state-owned postal service probably had something to do with the delay. I collected my parcel on 12th January and the delay was totally worth it. The parcel arrived in tact. Everything I ordered was in my box!!!

It wasn’t a free delivery. South African Postal Services slapped on a R142.71 delivery fee. Not sure what that was for, as I collected the box and there was no actual delivery. But I was just so happy that I got all my ASOS items in perfect condition.

The moral of the story. South Africans can order the funky ASOS clothes and accessories. They will not be free as the South African Postal Services will charge them to collect parcels. But the good news is that there is a great chance that Saffas will actually get what they order.

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