Instructions for a DIY Chari Tee

The M and S T-Shirt before the makeover

Have you have been craving designer charity T-Shirts made by Mary Katrantzou, Roksanda Illincic and Richard Nicoll et al but can’t get your hands on one? Then do the next best thing and make your own designer inspired T-Shirt.

First buy a T-shirt from your local charity shop. Make a donation as well while you’re at it. They are charity T-Shirts after all.

Next, head to the curtaining and upholstery department of your local fabric store and find a piece of material with a fabulous print. You need just enough to cover the front of your T-Shirt. Most patterns have a repeat every few centimetres so you must make sure you have enough fabric to cut out a full section of the print. If the print is all that, maybe buy a bit extra material to make a matching slouchy bag – find how-to here – or visit the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page – for other DIY projects.


The M and S T-Shirt after the makeover

Your T-Shirt and your fabric must first be washed and ironed. You need to make sure they don’t shrink and that they are flat when you attach your fabric design. Cut your pattern and pin it to the front of your T-Shirt. Make sure it sits nicely in the middle and not too much to one side. Pin the fabric and with a matching colour thread, sew your piece of fabric to the front of your T-Shirt.

I cut the commercial edges from the sleeves, hem and neckline from my T-Shirt. Only because I like a raw edge and wanted a tank top for yoga. You can modify the neckline on your T-Shirt to be as you would prefer. Maybe cut it deeper or make a boat neck. You could also cut your T-Shirt quite a bit shorter to make a cropped top.

You can wear T-Shirt knowing you did your bit for charity.

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