How to make your own lace edged socks

Lace trim socks

Socks and strappy heels are not a combo I would ordinarily think of wearing. To start with, I hardly ever wear heels, and when I do I’m always reminded why I don’t wear them.

Socks and sandals immediately make me think of German tourists in Thailand. 

It’s flats all the way for me. Pumps, brogues, espadrilles, trainers, sparkly flats, Havianas, they’re all good. And if I’m at home, I walk around barefoot.

Women began wearing socks and shoes with their dresses during the war. Stockings were an unaffordable luxury.

Women during the war made their own socks. It was a great look then then and it’s big this summer. Socks paired with a skirt are a hot new style combination.

You need socks and lace

Lace edged socks and pretty sandals are a sweet and sexy look.

I love pretty English tea dresses which look absolutely fabulous with sexy sandals and lace edged socks.

Plain socks work well with a pair of brogues to toughen up the look.

If you can’t find the right pair of socks – or the shops aren’t quick enough to take up this trend – all is not lost. Make your own lace edged socks.

hand stitch lace to top of sock

First find a few pairs of plain white socks and dye them your favourite colour. You can use – more or less – dye to make the resultant colour – deeper or a pastel – shade.

You can dye your socks in different colours. Or dip dye them in two different colours.

Next, hand stitch a piece of lace to the top of your socks. How about sultry black lace or fresh white lace? Maybe sparkly silver lace or funky neon coloured lace?

Socks have ribbing which allows them to stretch over your foot and fit snugly. When sewing the lace to the top, gently flex the socks a little wider. If you stitch the lace without allowing some give, you might struggle to get your socks on. But don’t stretch too wide either or the lace will bubble and ripple.

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