Raising trouser hems

7/8 Trousers

I’m always on about eco fashion. Two great books to read explaining why we should strive to be as green in our fashion choices as possible are Over Dressed by Elizabeth L Cline and To Die for by Lucy Siegle. On to this week’s must have item.

Cropped trousers or Capri pants are usually a 3/4 leg length. They were a wardrobe staple of the ever stylish Audrey Hepburn and I guess we all hope to look as good as she did if we wear them.

This season’s cropped trousers are still ankle baring, but this time around, the hem is a longer 7/8 length. It goes without saying that if you have slim ankles  this definitely a look for you. If you have cankles give this trend a miss. There is always something for everyone in the never ending onslaught of new styles and designs that bombard us every season.

Before you rush out and and buy a wardrobe full of 7/8 pants, consider adjusting the hems of your favourite trousers. You can raise the hems of your favourite skinny leg jeans or straight leg trousers in just under an hour. If you are unsure how to actually sew a hem there are a gazillion tutorials on-line.

You need: –

Fold up hem and sew

needle and matching colour thread to your trousers

You do: –

  • Turn your trousers inside out and fold the hem up.
  • Pin the hem in place and turn your trousers right way around again.
  • Fit your trousers taking care not to poke yourself with the pins.
  • Check in a mirror that the hem is even and that it is symmetrical. The 7/8 look is not about showing your calves like a 3/4 style, just your ankles. You may have to take a deeper fold, or even fold over twice, to get the length just right.
  •  Turn your trousers back inside out and hand stitch the hems on each leg.
  • Press with an iron and you’re good to go in your new 7/8 length trousers.

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More next week.