How to make a bandeaux top

I loved the idea of the sexy bandeau tops at Prada. See here – Prada SS 2012.  Perfect for our warm African summers. Except I require a more modest version for myself. My version is similar but fuller and not quite as midriff baring. If you have abs like Fergie then go ahead and adjust the pattern to make yours just like the Prada original.

First up you need to make a pattern. Do this by taking the following measurements.

1. Measure around your upper torso at the widest part and add 30 centimeters to that measurement.
2. Measure from just under your arm pits to below your hip bones.
This should give you a rectangular shape.

Next you need a piece of fabric. Fabric that falls softly will have flatter gathers but may lack shape. Stiffer fabrics will hold the shape better but may end up with puffy gathers. Sometimes you have to play with fabric to decide what effect is best for you. I had a leftover piece of green satin in my stash so I used that.

You also need: –

knicker elastic
matching thread
sewing machine

You should always stitch the edges of your fabric to ensure they don’t unravel. {Confession time. I am so impatient that I don’t always do this. Naughty I know. Sometimes I have to go back to do a repair job.}

Stitch centre back seams together

To make: –
1. Pin the garment and check you are happy with the fit.

If it looks like it will be too long or too loose trim the fabric to bring the dimensions down.

2. Sew the centre back seam together. In the picture of the pattern that would be the two red lines.

Fold over fabric and stitch casing for elastic

I stick to the usual 1.5 centimeter seam allowance.

3. Fold over the top and the bottom of your top and stitch a casing for your elastic.

4. Measure your elastic around your torso and add 2 centimetre to the measurement and cut 2 pieces of elastic.

Insert elastic into casing and sew edges securely

5. Thread your elastic through the upper and lower casing and sew each end of the elastic securely.

And that’s it folks!

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More next week.