Make a crochet necklace

Crochet necklace

I have tried and tried to make these crochet/weave chain bracelets and I cannot get it right. Mine come out all lumpy and uneven. I have seen pics of other DIY fashionista’s attempts so it is possible.

Click on – this link – to see how I made a similar necklace with hardware chain.

My attempts at making Peruvian friendship bracelets – see them here – have also been a bit of a flop. You have to have perfectly even tension on every strand of cord or the design gets a bit distorted. Practise will be the key to those bracelets. I am way too impatient.

But what I can do and enjoy doing is crocheting. While playing around trying to make a bracelet, I made a crochet necklace.

You need a crochet hook and some stiff wool or cotton thread. I used regular knitting wool because I happened to have some. But I had to stiffen the final necklace with a little starch.

To make this necklace, crochet a chain just a touch longer than the measurement around your neck.

See instructions here to make a crochet chain – how to crochet chain stitch.

Next you pick a pretty stitch and crochet your necklace to the thickness you would like it to be. How about a stripey scallop stitch? – scalloped stripes.

To find a selection of stitches have a look at these sites –
crochet stitches for Dummies
crochet pattern central
crochet stitch guide

Make sure to leave a piece of wool or thread at each end so you can tie your necklace at the back of your neck.

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