Side stripe trouser tutorial

The plain black trousers before the make over

The best thing about up cycling old clothes is they become new. Sure they may be a bit worn, but stuff that has been lurking in the back of my wardrobe for a while, is now being worn again. I save on buying new clothes and I’m not cramming yet more apparel into my already full and choking closet.

I don’t easily warm to new trends. Must be a Taurus thing. Turbans . . . mmmm. Bare midriffs. . . no chance. Sky scraper heels . . . I already trip over my feet in flats. Teeny tiny shorts . . . not in this lifetime.

Adding tape to the hem

But sporty stripes? Well I took to them in a flash. See them here – who what wear – trends. I tend to favour a relaxed, preppy look. Go faster stripes fit nicely into my existing wardrobe.

Stitch the tape to the outer leg seam

I hauled out two pairs of plain black old work trousers and set about adding stripes to the outer leg seam. I should have picked a slightly lighter weight tape as the tape I used was a bit too thick. Also sewing something to a trouser leg is a bit tricky as you have to slip your arm inside the leg to sew.
But it’s manageable. The alternative is to unpick the inner leg seam, sew the tape and then re-sew the inner leg, which I wasn’t prepared to do.

I can sew and I love sewing but I try to have easy DIY projects in this blog. This DIY can be done by hand.

You need –
1 pair trousers
approximately 3 metres of tape.

My new “old” trousers

To make –
Allow the tape to fold under the hem of your trousers by about 2 – 3 centimeters.
Pin in place and pin the tape along the outer leg seam from the hem to the waistband of the trousers.
Fold the tape over again about 2 – 3  centimeters just below the waistband.
Hand stitch the tape in place.

I hate posing for pictures but I had to pose for this one as my model doesn’t do sideways twists. The denim tote bag is also a DIY project. Read how to make it here – DIY tote bag. And the how-to for the beaded bracelets is here – beaded bracelet DIY.

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