How to make a collar

You might be ready to wear a collar by now. I always take sooo long to warm to trends. And then discover that actually they are not that bad and promptly OD on them. I cant stop making tie dye scarves. My justification is that I ride a scooter and need them to keep my neck warm.

Plenty people are making DIY collars – and selling them on Etsy. It’s great to see the individual takes on this trend. I’ve seen leather Peter Pan collars. There are plenty old shirts having their collars removed and worn alone a la Lagerfelt.

Pin tape to collar
The finished collar

My collar is so dead easy. I bought a pre-made lace collar. The tape was amongst my stash of ribbons, lace, buttons, you name it. If you couldn’t find a ready made collar, you could cut a collar shape from a firm piece of lace. My advice would be to starch your lace so it holds it’s shape. And maybe seal the edges with Stop Fray. Stop Fray is a glue that stops threads unravelling. Great for the ends of ribbon and even pantyhose runs. It might even be plain old wood glue for all I know.

All I did was machine stitch the tape to the neck area of the lace collar. And that was it!

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See you next week.