Pleather cuff bracelet

What you need to make a cuff

Here is yet another dead easy DIY project. I have said that I am loving the whole tribal thing going on at the moment. Really, really loving it a lot. Might be because I’m from Africa.

This DIY cuff will work well with an ethnic outfit. You make it as follows.

You need –
approximately 20 cm x 10 cm pleather
some kind of trim to glue or sew on to your cuff
high strength glue
30cm of elastic thread
a wool needle
a button in the same colour as your pleather

Add a button and a loop of elastic at each end

To make – 
Using a ruler and a pencil draw the lines to cut out your cuff.
My cuff was 17cm x 5cm.
Cut away the surplus pleather.
Sew your button on the one end.
Using a wool needle pull the elastic thread through at the other end to make a loop. See pic.
Glue your embellishment to your cuff and allow glue to dry.
And your cuff is good to go.

The cuff minus embellishment

For variations of this cuff, you can use different materials and different coloured pleather.
You can have a thicker or a thinner cuff.
For decoration you could paint shapes or designs on the cuff, you could glue crystals or stones to it. You could cut out a piece of lace and sew it to your cuff.

I would love to see what you dream up for a cute cuff.

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The completed cuff