How to revamp a sweater

Sweater before

Whenever I take time out to wander through the haberdasheries and craft shops, I keep finding more and more things to use in recycling and upcycling projects. I showed how to add a pair of matching beaded lace appliques to a cardigan in this post – how to add lace to a cardigan.

The shop where I found those, also had lace appliques, gorgeous lace collars, neckline applique pieces as well as cuffs. I bought a few items. They are waiting to be used in my ever expanding DIY kit.

Crochet neckline trim

The knitted pullover in the picture was the next item to get a mini makeover. I considered using a different coloured top but I settled on this top. The great thing about these crochet and lace appliques is that you can add them to a favourite top that has been damaged to disguise the damage, plus your renovation will give the garment a whole new look. It is also a nod to the soft ladylike trend that is so hot right now.

I am not a fan of glueing clothing in my DIY fabric projects, I prefer sewing something together.

New improved sweater

So all I did was hand-stitch the neck decoration to the jumper using matching coloured thread and small stitches to ensure the stitching is as invisible as possible. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

On a different note. I read the book – Blogging for Dummies – the 4th edition by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley. Just because I have a blog doesn’t mean I actually know how to blog. It’s the latest edition and they had some handy tips and style advice, hence a few changes to the format of this blog. The biggest change, was adding new pages. About and the Greenie Galleries.

Head to the top of this page and find the Greenie Galleries. It’s an archive of older and newer DIYs with links to the individual posts.

Have a great green week. See you next week.