Green fabric shopping bags

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I leave early tomorrow morning to spend time in Scotland with my husband. My favourite gifts to bring back are a selection of cloth shopping bags.

Fabric bags pack a whole bunch of fashion clout if they come from a trendy store.

But I don’t particularly care that much where they come from. I love them all. They can be used not only for shopping but as a gym bag, a handbag substitute, a work or college bag and even a laundry bag.

When they get a bit grubby I pop them in the washing machine and they come out slightly faded. I think that only makes them more beautiful. Like geting wrinkles, it adds character.

You might like to try your hand at making cloth bags. Here are links to fabric bags I have made. DIY tote bag Part One is here – how to make a tote bag and Part Two is here more on how to make a tote bag. And the how-to for a DIY slouchy bag is here – how to make a sling bag and the same bag in a different colour is here – DIY sling bag.

I hope we settle down soon and we manage to get our Internet up and running so I can get on-line quickly. It’s the middle of summer here in South Africa. We’ve had days running up to 33’C. Scotland is going to be quite a lot cooler.

The Greenie Galleries at the top of this page have pics of projects. You can find FREE sewing patterns, sewing tutorials and crafts.

See you next week.


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