Make your own Pandora or Trollbead bracelet

Charm bead bracelet

If you love the Danish style charm bead bracelets such as Trollbeads  – Trollbeads or Pandora bracelets – Pandora, but can’t find them or wince at the price? Don’t. Make your own charm bracelet.
Here’s how.

You need to get some similar style beads. That shouldn’t be too difficult. I have found a wide range of them in most good bead shops. Try to think outside the box a little and consider using other large beads such as wooden beads or even chunky nuts from a hardware shop. Maybe crystals or trade beads? Or how about ceramic beads? I’ve seen the most amazing beads made from pages of a magazine. See how to make them here – how to make rolled paper beads. See also show how to make beads out of dough – how to make dough beads. I’m thinking the dough beads could be spray painted metallic and neon colours for a really fun take on this.

I bought some fairly thick silk rope, an O-ring and a finding clasp. Have a look at the picture.

To assemble the bracelet I took approximately 60cm of black silk rope and folded it in half allowing a loop at the one end. I made a knot to keep the loop in place. Next, I added a bead and then made another knot to keep the bead in place. I added another bead and make another knot. And so on. You need to play a bit with how many beads and knots you can fit on your bracelet.

Tie an O-ring onto the silk rope. You can see in the picture that I have slipped the O-ring onto the rope and am about to knot it. I cut the loose ends away and using a lighter I burned the last of the ends shorter. Then I used some strong glue to secure the knot. Add a finding clasp and that’s all there is to it.

A variation of this would be a necklace.

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Happy DIY-ing. See you next week.