Make a brooch from ribbon

Scraps for the ribbon brooch

As I keep saying – the point of this blog is to try and find ways to make old clothes or cast-offs into something new and hopefully – on trend. Its not that easy as it turns out. Some things are seriously difficult to DIY. On the flip side, some things are so darn easy, that I can’t help wonder why more people aren’t trying to DIY.

It could also be that not everyone is enamoured with creating their own clothes. Sigh! We’re not all the same.Just hope I don’t bore people with my DIY brags.

So, for this brooch, I had a bunch of pre-cut ribbon that I was stuck with. I saw a similar brooch somewhere, might have been Etsy, and decided to use up these ribbon strips.

Stitching the ribbon together

If you don’t have ribbon, you could cut left-over fabric into thin strips. The concept is to take fabric or ribbon and make loops to shape the “petals”. If you had to rip a fabric such as light cotton, it would create a raw edge that could look really great for this idea. I had different coloured ribbon but you could use all one colour or mix it up with metallic braid, ribbon, nautical inspired tape or beaded braid.

You need: –
1 x brooch pin
1 x button or bead
1 x needle and thread
Strips of fabric, braid or ribbon

Add brooch pin

You do: –
Load up your needle with thread. Take the needle through the end of the fabric to start. Wind a loop and take the needle through the loop to secure it. You have to take a look at the pictures to get a sense of what I mean. The loops will fan out around the centre where the needle and thread are securing them. The loops can be sparse or full. It’s up to you as to how many “petals” you want to make.

Next, stitch a brooch pin to the back of your rosette. And then, stitch either a button, or a bead to the front and in the middle. And that’s it folks. A custom flower shaped brooch.

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Add button or bead to complete the brooch