Make easy earrings

What you need to make these earrings

Every now and again, I sit on the internet and window-shop the on-line sites. It’s hard not to lust after the gorgeous high end designer stuff on offer. Beautiful is always beautiful. No amount of convincing myself that I don’t actually need to buy more makes the desire to own lovely things go away.

The great thing about DIY aka eco fashion aka green fashion is you can have it. It’s just that you get to make it yourself. Or recycle something into it. Or buy it second hand. That’s OK with me. More than OK.

Finished earrings

I don’t see myself melting metal or shaping hats. Not just yet anyway. But I can sew easy items and I can make quite a bit of the stuff that is out there. While I am not a designer, I am fairly creative. And so making my very own version of the positively divine clothing and accessories is what I strive to achieve. Or capture the essence of what is current that appeals to me.

The other no-brainer, is this. DIY is way, way, cheaper than coughing up for high end designer goods. Duh!

I whipped up these three pairs of earrings quite swiftly with a mix of what I already have in my stash and a few nominal purchases. The first picture shows what was used to make the earrings. Earring hooks, tassels, a pair of plastic chillies and some small washers and O-rings hooked together.

You basically need to hook whatever you have chosen as your earring to an earring hook with an O-ring. That’s it!

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More next week.