Laminate image brooch

Laminated flower picture, brooch pin and glue

I am loving all these fruit and animal forms popping up on T-shirts and in fabric designs. They give a fun feel to fashion. The point of this blog is always to try and re-use an existing wardrobe but also to keep up with new trends. I was thinking of using FIMO to shape into fruit for a brooch. Read more about working with FIMO here – how to work with FIMO. I have made a FIMO brooch before using cookie cutters. Find that post here – how to make a FIMO brooch. But then I thought, that maybe, that might be too much of a challenge and my apple might end up looking like a berry.

And since the other key mantra of this blog, is that I want my DIY fashion projects to be as easy as possible I changed my mind about this idea.

Flower brooch

While paging through an old gardening magazine I saw gorgeous pictures of fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers. That got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could use these pictures some how. I took a piece of cardboard I had in my office and glued a picture of a lily to it. Then I hot footed it off to a place that laminated the picture of the flower to the cardboard.

After that I cut out the flower from the laminated cardboard. I chose to leave a small bit of cardboard as an edge around the flower because I liked the idea and it would keep the image secure. Next I mixed two part strong adhesive and glued a brooch pin to the back of the flower. And just like that I had a flower brooch. Depending on what images you can lay your hands on you can create just about any kind of brooch. Think along the lines of words strung together to make a statement, images of animals or insects, maybe a person you have a crush on or even use shapes like a star or a Gothic design. Have a look at these Gothic stencils – Gothic stencils.

Of course I can’t waste the left-over laminated cardboard. My mind is racing with ideas to use that up. But one wardrobe update at a time. Share your DIY posts on the Greenie facebook page – Greenie dresses for less on facebook.

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If you can’t bear going through all the links then go back to the top of this page and find the Greenie Galleries where all older and newer posts are archived with easy links back to each project. You can have your say on eco fashion on the Greenie Dresses for Less facebook page.

Back next week.