Eco fashion outfit

Vintage shirt, cookie cutter brooch and chain necklace

My model is working again today. Every time I dress her, I wonder who dreams up the proportions of these mannequins. Apparently tall and slim bodies show off clothing better than shorter, curvier ones. I’m not convinced, but that I can sort of understand. What I don’t get, is why they make models with such minuscule hands and feet?

Today she is wearing crushed velvet leggings – bought new. Sigh! They were just too hard to resist. And the stripey tank top I also bought new. I do love stripes. Her cuff bracelet was bought new some time back.

Thankfully the rest of the outfit is home-made or from a vintage store. The bright green shirt is Trilobal. You just cannot get them anymore. They wash so well and don’t require any ironing. I grab them when I come across them. Have a look at a floral one I found – vintage Trilobal and Crimplene shirts.

The necklace I made myself. Have a look at this post – using junk to make a necklace. It’s made from odd bits I had lying about, all joined together to make a long chain. In the picture my model is wearing the necklace tied short at the neck. The brooch I wear often. I rolled out some FIMO and used a cookie cutter to cut the heart shape. The instructions for that project are here – how to make a brooch. The headband is a skinny scarf I bought years ago at a vintage shop. I made a few more. Kate Moss looks fabulous wearing her skinny scarves. Read how to make them here – how to make a skinny scarf. And you can see another skinny scarf worn as a turban in this post – wear a skinny scarf as a headband.

So my model is wearing four eco friendly items out of seven. Her eco score today is 57%. Not great but better than buying all new all the time.

Go to the top of this page to find the Greenie Galleries which have plenty ideas to restyle and upcycle old clothes. I would love to see other DIY fashion projects. You’re welcome to load your creations on the Greenie Dresses for Less facebook page.

I will be back next week.