How to make feather earrings

What you need to make feather earrings

I have only just got going embellishing my clothes and accessories with pom poms and tassels, and now there are feathers galore. To kick off my foray into the feather trend I decided to make a pair of feather earrings. Once I get the hang of working with feathers, it should be easy to make feather necklaces or attach feathers to a wrap belt, or more . . .

Initially I was looking for feathers in nature. The feathers I found tended to be flimsy and fluffy, too small or they were irregular in size. Had I not been so keen to make these earrings, and had I looked harder, I could well have found the right feathers. However, I saw feathers in a bead shop and snapped them up.

The only caveat for feathers is to make sure they are not too long or too big or they will be difficult to wear. And don’t forget, whatever colour they may come in nature, you can always paint them a colour you prefer. You can also trim them a bit to get a more workable shape.

Finished feather earring
Mini clamp and earring hook

You need: –
A pair of feathers
A pair of mini clamps – look to the picture to see what I mean
A pair of earring hooks
A pair of scissors
A pair of pliers
Strong glue

To make the feather earrings, start by trimming the top off the feather. Next, using pliers attach the clamp and press it closed. Open the loop on the earring hook and slip it through the top of the mini clamp.

One last bit of advice, use a drop of glue to secure the the feather to the clamp.

To vary the design of your earrings you could use a trio of feathers in different lengths or colours. You could add a short piece of chain between the earring hook and the feather, or you could add an O-ring to the mini clamp and attach the feather to a chain and make a feather necklace. Feathers would look fabulous as a lariat style necklace. Read this post for the how to – how to make a lariat necklace. And for more links to older earring posts click here – how to make earrings. A great place to find feathers for earrings is a fly fishing shop. They have ready made feather combinations in bright colours.

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More next week.