Tassel tutorial

How to make a tassel

In the last post I showed how to make pom poms and gave ideas as to how you can use pom poms to perk up your wardrobe. This week I am making tassels since they have been pitching up on assorted outfits and accessories lately. Tassels are even easier than pom poms to make.

Where would you use tassels? I have taken some of the other DIY fashionistas ideas and included them in this post. For earrings have a look at this blogger’s idea – make your own tassel earrings and more – how to make tassel earrings.

Tassel and pom pom necklace Image Aleishall Girard Maxon

This blogger made a tassel necklace – how to make a tassel necklace. In this post yet another DIY fashion blogger made a tassel belt – how to make a tassel belt. And this post shows tassels on a T-shirt and a handbag – tassel T-shirt and tassels on handbag.

The best use of tassels and Pom Poms is by Aleishall Girard Maxon. Visit her blog for divine inspiration – pom pom and tassel jewelry.

Of course you can buy tassels but it is far more fun to make your own. Besides, you can embellish them with beads and make them in your perfect colour. To make tassels you will need wool, thread or fine string. And something to wind the tassel around.

To make a tassel, look to the first picture, and see how I wound the wool around an object till it was thick enough. I tied another piece of wool through the wool at the top to hold it together. Then I cut the wool at the bottom end to free it up.

Lastly I wound some wool just a short way below the top of the tassel to stop it splaying open and tied it tightly. If my instructions aren’t clear do a Google or You Tube search. There are heaps of clear tutorials.

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