Statement necklace from a tie back

Necklace from a curtain tie back

DIY fashion definitely runs in my family. I was more than a bit impressed when my mum sent me a pic of her latest necklace – made from a curtain tie back. Oh, and it cost her ZAR15. Which is around £1. That is most certainly ticking the – dressing for less – boxes.

Growing up my mum used to recycle table cloths into skirts for me. I wasn’t that impressed back then, as only labels would do. Now, she would be the coolest mom ever. And guess what? I recycled a table cloth into a kaftan not too long ago. Remember this post – how to make a kaftan from an old tablecloth.

It’s the ability to see past a curtain tie back and see assorted items that is the fun part of DIY fashion. The tie back could have been a double strand necklace, wrapped a few times to make a bracelet or even made into a tie belt. Maybe a curtain tie back with tassels could be used as a lariat necklace or a wrap around waist belt? The possibilities are endless. And it is soooo much fun.

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More next week.