Make a necklace out of spare shower hooks

Shower hooks as a necklace

Every time I buy new shower curtains, I get a full set of shower hooks. They are not the bit that wears out. It’s the curtains that tear and get mouldy. And you never get the same style of shower hook twice. It’s so annoying.

I decided to make a necklace out of the last lot of shower hooks. They look not unsimilar to the clip together necklaces I made last year. Remember them? Here is one – how to make a clip together necklace and here is the other – clip together necklace.

They look really good with my moonstone jewelry. And they look a lot like some of the designer statement necklaces out there. I should keep quiet and not let people know that they are curtain hooks. But I can’t help bragging that they cost me nothing and are recycled household items.

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