Green fashion outfit

Tie-dye scarf, beaded bracelets, hand painted T-shirt

It’s time for my model to wear some of my DIY or recycled clothing. So, starting from the top, here goes.

She is wearing yet another tie-dye scarf. I can’t stop making them. This one is made with three different colours. Same procedure as the previous ones. To find the instruction go to this post – how to make a multi-coloured tie-dye scarf.

The denim jacket I bought at a second hand clothing shop in Kampen, Holland. I don’t recognise the label but I love the cropped style and shortish long sleeves.

Create a tie dye effect with fabric paint

The T-shirt goes back a few posts. It was my very first attempt to hand paint clothing using fabric paint. You can read the how-to here – using fabric paint to up cycle clothing.

The collection of bracelets is mostly home-made. They are also dead easy to make. You can refer to this post to read how I made them – how to make beaded bracelets.

The shorts and fish net stockings are bought. But four out of the six items my model is wearing are hand made or recycled. She gets a 66% eco rating for her ensemble.

The Greenie Galleries have lots of ideas to make your own clothes and accessories or upcycle old clothes. Find them at the top of the page.

Back next week.