Restyle a baggy T-Shirt

Earlier this year I ran the Spar Ladies 10 kilometer race. Usually with bigger races there is an option to buy a T shirt that commemorates your race. In this case, the T shirt came anyway.

Baggy, saggy over sized race day T shirt

And a goody bag, packed full of things like food samples, lip balm and out of date magazines. The thing is, the T shirt was HUGE. I planned to add it to my charity bag.

However, on race day I noticed some ladies had been really innovative and restyled their T shirts. I saw T shirts worn over regular shirts with wild slashes and colour peeping through. I saw ’80’s style voluminous, but cropped T shirts. One lady cut tie straps and turned her T shirt into a halter neck. Wow!

My running mates from the race were happy to leave their T shirts unaltered so they could sleep in them. But being open to restyle a T shirt means you can pick up retro T shirts and have loads of fun altering them.

Pin and trim the T shirt into shape

Since I tend to err on the conservative side of fashion I thought I would try to make my T shirt into a slimmer fitting tank top. Which I now wear either alone on a hot day or layered over another top.

All I did was turn the T shirt inside out and pin the new shape. I cut the shape with a generous allowance knowing that I would trim away the excess fabric. I fitted the T shirt, and trimmed and pinned, to get the size right. It sounds a bit hit and miss and it sort of is. But if you allow enough seam, you can play till you get the proportions right. Remember, once you have cut, you can’t put fabric back.

You could allow deep low armholes or a straight boat shaped neck. You could keep the T shirt long or crop it short. You might want to remember that the neckline of a T shirt, usually sits higher in the back of the neck than the front. So cut them separately.

New shape T shirt

Since I went for a moderate scoop neckline I kept the back and the front the same and was able to cut both together.

Next, stitch your shoulder and side seams. You will need to use a stretch stitch on your machine for T shirt fabric. You can put a hem in and you might need some guidance from someone who sews as it’s not that easy with a stretch knit. I didn’t bother with a hem. The fabric has a slight curl which I don’t mind at all. An easy way is to zig zag or over lock the raw edges instead of a hem but the stitching will be visible. Maybe you like the idea of the over locked edges? The point is to have fun.

The awful over sized Spar Ladies 10 kilometer T shirt now has a fun relaxed feel and a whole new style. And I wear it. A lot actually.

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