Pom pom tutorial

Pom poms are really easy to make.
They are a great way to spruce up an existing item in your wardrobe.

What you need to make pom poms

Think pom poms attached to the corners of a scarf? How about all around a scarf for a dash of boho chic.
You could string them together and make a trim on a cardigan or a jacket. Isabel Marant added them to charms and beads on her necklaces last season. How about a collection of pom poms in different colours as a handbag charm? You could even make mini ones to add your bracelets or statement earrings. For a bit of evening sparkle use metallic thread to make your pom poms.
Try making pom poms in acid bright wool, string or thread and add them to dull or dark items in your wardrobe.

There are plenty ways to make them. If you like the finer things in life then go all out and use silk thread. I opted to simply use up left over wool. The key is the bigger the item you use to wind the yarn, the bigger the pom pom. The more densely packed the yarn, the fluffier the pom pom.

Cut the wool and slightly separate the discs

Here are two easy how-to links – how to make a pom pom and another – making pom poms.

I made them as follows. Using old cardboard boxes and a drinking glass, I traced a circular shape. Cut two the same size. Make a hole in the centre of the discs and put them together. Then I took wool and using a wool needle I threaded the wool around the discs. Once I had enough wool wound around the discs, I cut the wool from around the discs and slightly separated the discs. Quickly tie a length of wool around the pom poms to keep the wool strips together. Tie it tightly so the strips don’t fall out. Remove the discs completely and that’s all there is to it. A drinking glass makes quite a large pom pom. It was about 5cm in diameter.

Finished pom pom

Have a look at what some of the other DIY fashionistas are doing with pom poms. Visit these two links at Honestly WTF – pom poms and string bag and – pom pom necklace. And how about what this girl is doing – Aleishall Girard Maxon. Have fun!

pom pom jewelry

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Image courtesy Sweet Trash sourced from the Internet.