Make a rope bracelet with a flower button

Flower button bracelet

This idea I saw on a friend of mine. She had an exquisite flower shaped button on the most beautiful silk thread. I saw her a few weeks ago and she said the thread had perished. Seeing her reminded of the bracelet but I was also pleased she told me that. I made the bracelet in a stronger material. My favorite waxed cotton thread.

You need a pretty button. Her flower looked so beautiful I wanted the same. But a crystal heart or a shell square could look as good. You could even make your own FIMO or clay button. Maybe paint a button? However you come by your button, you need a bead or a button and some strong thread.

If you follow the photo, you will see I put the button on some thread and allowed enough spare thread so the bracelet could slide open and closed. On the left of the bracelet, I have made a very simple sliding knot. They really aren’t that hard to figure out. The gist of it is to tie one rope AROUND the other so the knot can slide up and down the piece of thread.

You can make more than one knot to make it more secure. There are loads of how-to’s on You Tube. Have a look at this video which shows just one version of sliding knot on a necklace similar to this bracelet – how to make a sliding knot.

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