Semi precious stone rings

Stone rings

This idea is NOT mine. And usually I can’t remember where I saw an idea that inspired me. In this instance I can. The reason is because it comes from one of my favorite DIY fashion bloggers. Her blog is called A Pair and a Spare.

I have had this idea in mind for so long now. The stones came from a recent trip to Namibia. The one is a Moonstone and the other Calcite. Those who know me, know that I am mad about crystals.

Here is a link for the how-to on her blog – how to make stone rings.

How to make stone rings

In the picture on the left you can see what you need. Ring posts and some rocks or even cute buttons. Think pearl buttons, shell or crystal buttons. My only tip on this project – use two part adhesive. The one where you mix two parts together. Regular glue will not be strong enough.

The bracelets above belong to my niece. I have shown some how-to’s for beaded bracelets in this post – how to make beaded bracelets.

The friendship bracelet on the far left of my niece’s arm is one of her ideas and I featured it in this post – how to make a friendship bracelet.

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