Instructions to launder suede at home

Vintage suede jacket

My mother gave me this gorgeous suede shirt/jacket. She told me it was washable suede. How does one know when suede is washable and when it is not? Sorry, I can’t help with that. She had washed it successfully before.

I do know that I positively hate dry cleaning my clothes. I can’t bear the smell of the chemicals they use and I am sure they can’t be good for you. As for what the solvent they use – perc – does to the planet, I shudder just thinking of it.

I hand wash as much as I can. And you know what? My clothes come out cleaner than they do from a professional cleaner. The trick is to dry the clothes flat so they don’t pull out of shape. Use a pure detergent and don’t wring them out. If you have to iron, use a cool iron.

Back to my suede jacket. I washed it in the machine on a woolen wash and it came out perfect. I looked up on the Internet how to iron it. Between two cloths with a cool iron and it must not come in direct contact with the iron. I am pleased to say the jacket looks as good as new.

How to put a hem in suede – glue it

I also needed to make the sleeves a bit shorter. There was no way that suede would go through my sewing machine. I used strong glue and pegs to hold the hem in place until the hem had dried.

Since my model is posing today, I am sharing the details of her outfit. She is carrying the easy tote bag I made a while back. The link for that project is here – how to make a tote bag.

The harem pants were made from gym pants. Visit this post for the instructions – how to make harem pants.

And the scarf is one of the pieces I picked up on my round trip of Southern Africa. Ethnic touches are so hot right now and a scarf is the easiest way to bring in a bit of colour. I have shown how to make a no-sew scarf in an older post – how to make a scarf.

The tank top was bought new a long time ago. Four out of 5 items are home-made or vintage. My model gets a 80% eco rating.

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More next week.