How to make an adjustable rope bracelet

Charm wrap bracelet

These wrap bracelets are everywhere right now. And they are the easiest to make. The hardest part is trying to tie it on your wrist with one hand.

They usually come in leather or a pretty print ribbon. Something like a Liberty print or polka dots. I didn’t want to wear leather so I used a beige coloured coarse weight waxed cotton. I have showed thinner gauge waxed cotton in black and mint in the photo.

The next item you need is a charm. If you are innovative you can recycle junk such as old keys or bullets. Visit this blog which is full of how-to’s and ideas for using junk as jewelry – Junk Jewelry.

You can also find charms at a jewelry store, a flea market or you can make you own as I did in an older post. I got heart shaped steel dog tags stamped with inspiring words and made my own charm bracelet. See here for that idea – how to make a mantra bracelet.

You could also use a plastic charm, a bead or a semi precious stone. How about making your own beads out of FIMO? An animal shape or paint an animal on a FIMO bead. I made FIMO brooches in this post – how to make a FIMO brooch.

You need to allow enough rope or ribbon to wind the bracelet around your wrist approximately three times. Slip the charm on the ribbon or rope and tie it around your wrist. Maybe get someone to help you do that. And there you go. A wrap bracelet with a charm!

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