Flower shoe decoration

Add a rosette to a pair of pumps

I hope that my days of being offline are finally behind me. Switched to a different ISP and am crossing my fingers as I type.

The shoes in the photo aren’t exactly dull. Sparkly silver sequins are a a bit of a shoe statement. But I couldn’t help but give them an up cycle.

The rosettes used for the recycle have been featured in this blog before and are super easy to make.

There are also a few older posts with up cycling ideas for shoes. In these posts I showed how I added the flower from hair clips to a few pairs of shoes – hair clip used on slip on shoes and hair clip to decorate a pair of pumps.

I also showed a pair of pumps that were dyed to give them a new lease on life – how to dye shoes.

And then more recently I went mad with haberdashery items to make some sandals more interesting. Find that post here – re style sandals using braid and trimmings.

If you’re looking for inspiration to restyle, upcycle or make your own, then head up to the top of this page and find the Greenie Galleries. I’ve put projects and tutorials into a photo gallery with links back to the original posts.

See you next week.