How to make earrings from glass pins

Glass head pins as stud earrings

Not sure how I came upon the idea to use glass head pins as stud earrings. But it’s a dead easy way to get a small coloured pair of stud earrings. In the picture my niece is wearing a pair of white pins. The headband is her creation. She has given me permission to share that with you in the next post

So, you need some glass head sewing pins, a wire cutter, a pair of pliers and some butterflies or earring backs. First cut the pins a lot shorter. I used a pair of stud earrings to gauge the length. I cut them  bit longer at first to make sure they weren’t too short.

Most pins are made of steel and should be safe to wear but if you are allergic, then paint them with that anti allergic coating. I use clear nail polish. I suspect that anti allergic coating could be made of something not unsimilar to clear nail polish.

Once the coating has dried you add the butterflies or whatever style of backing you prefer to the studs.

How to make glass pin stud earrings

I found that the pins are slightly thinner than regular stud earring posts. I had to use a pliers to gently tighten the butterflies to create a snug fit so the backs don’t fall off.

You also get pearl headed pins. You can use those for fine small pearl stud earrings.

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See how to make this lovely hairband which my clever niece came up with and is modelling for me – here.

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