New strap gives new life to old watch

Bright green watch strap

The colour block trend is huge right now. I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to “out there” style. Much as I admire fashion risks that some people take, I am unable to follow where the fashion forward tread. Hence the tie dye scarf in my last post. Just a small touch or a hint of tie dye is enough for me.

I was walking through the shopping mall when I saw this bright green watch strap (right in photo) in one of the kiosks. It’s not often one finds watch straps, particularly good watch straps, in such fun colours. Usually they look much like the one on the left. Basic black or brown. Maybe watch straps are becoming funkier these days?

I quickly got the attendant to give my old watch a new strap. Voila! I have a fun bright new (old) watch.

Since I am a committed vegetarian, the issue of wearing leather comes up. I saw the movie Planeat last night and it made me wonder if I should skip dairy and go completely vegan. It’s well worth seeing that movie, particularly if you are a bit of a greenie.

I would never, ever wear fur or exotic skins. But I do know that meat farming produces tons of animal pelts as a by product. The cows did not die because of me. The manufacture of plastic shoes, handbags and belts in sweat shops harms humans. So buying plastic is not necessarily a better choice. I buy as little leather as possible. Vintage leather would be OK if it was something I really liked. And again, provided it wasn’t from an animal that was killed just for it’s skin.

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More next week.