FREE maxi skirt sewing pattern

Maxi skirt

I have mentioned how super easy it is to make maxi skirts. I’ve also mentioned that I’ve been making them. The point of this blog is that I am trying hard NOT to to acquire new clothes. I’m supposed to be recycling or up cycling what I have in my wardrobe. Or, I hunt for what I want in charity shops.

It occurred to me that buying fabric to sew clothes is not that far removed from buying new clothes. At least I made the skirt and not some poor kid in a sweatshop. And home sewing doesn’t pollute the earth so I can feel a bit better about my skirt.

I bought a few pieces of African fabric when I went through Southern Africa. Locals sell them in pre-cut strips at the markets or vendors walk around and you can buy straight from them. They make great statement scarves and give just the right amount of ethnic dash to an outfit. The piece of fabric that I used for the skirt is a subtle design. If you are inclined to be adventurous, you could opt for a bolder design.

The pattern for this skirt is a few posts back. Type – maxi skirt – into the search box and it will come up. Or you can follow this link – pattern for a maxi length skirt. The jacket is made from my all time favorite box jacket pattern. More about that jacket here – easy box jacket . The top is vintage and the belt is a bargain buy. Three of the four items my model is wearing are either home-made or vintage. She gets a 75% eco rating.

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